Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Love Language of a Five Year Old

Last evening my three granddaughters who are 10, 7, and 5 came down to play. It was no surprise that they wanted to get out all of our play food and play restaurant with Papa and I. They also brought out a couple of phones for phone orders and any other phones calls that the 'Three Girl's Cafe" might receive.

During dinner at their cafe I had to take a phone call from my uncle. I pretended to get some awful news from my uncle. "Oh, that is just horrible news" I said. When I got off the phone my five year old server asked me what was wrong. With a broken voice and the threat of tears I said that my uncle had called to tell me that my cat was not feeling well. The server touched my arm and told me how sorry she was to hear the bad news.

The server took the phone into the cafe kitchen (the other side of the coffee table) and I overheard her calling someone to go check on my cat for me. "Hello, is this the cat take care'er'er? Okay, yes I would like you to please go check on my customers cat." Great customer service don't ya' think?

She came back to the table to tell me (with her hand soothing my arm) that the "Cat take care'er'er" was going to take care of my cat and to please not worry and she brought me a big plate of desserts before dinner to make me feel better.

I then pretended to cry out loud when she returned to the kitchen. She came running back put both of her hands on my shoulders and asked what was wrong. I told her that I was just so worried about my kitty. She again touched my arm and told me that everything was going to be okay.

To make things better she told me that my daddy had just called and left a message for me. He was going to come and take me to the pet store and that I could pet all of the animals for as long as I wanted at the pet store. I was also going to get a new puppy while I was there. As my sniffles continued so did her love language to try to make things better for me. It turns out that my mommy had called too and she was going to buy me one of each kind of pet from the pet store!

She excused herself to go answer the phone. She came back with great news and more desserts. It was the cat take care'er'er calling to tell me that my cat was all better!

It is said that we generally shower others with the love language we ourselves would like to receive. This little granddaughter seems to be developing a few love languages, one of touch,  one for the sweet tooth, and one of showering others with needing to be fed and needing to be walked four legged gifts.

Do you tend to shower others with your own love language?


  1. Now those ARE imaginations...I had to laugh at your Uncle taking care of your cat, and your parents taking you to the pet store...wow, that WOULD be an adventure!

  2. I wonder why it is that kids love to play restaurant. My own children and now my grandchildren love to play. The sliders with the umbrellas are cute.