Friday, July 9, 2010

Create a Custom Guest Book

A custom guest book can be easily created for any kind of event or special occasion. With the use of scrapbook paper, a computer printer, a glue stick, an old book, and some paint any old book can be transformed into a perfect first impression at the entry of your next party or event.

I used an old encyclopedia to create this old world guest book for an event with a royal theme.

If you choose, first paint the edges of the book with craft paint. I used an antique gold paint on this project. Lightly apply the paint using a 1" sponge paint brush.

Measure the book page. 

Using your favorite computer program set the page size and the margins to the exact size of the existing page in the old book you are using.  (Thrift stores or yard sales would be a good place to find an inexpensive used book.)

Create a custom header and the layout of your guest registry. Choose a font and ink color that best coordinates with the theme you are creating. Print.

Cut the computer printed page to fit the page in the book.

Glue the printed page (using a glue stick) to the center left page in the opened book.

Add an additional page so that the two open pages coordinate.

Add additional pages if needed for the number of guests that you are expecting. I would suggest making another header page for the next two pages so that your guests can see the header too once the page has been turned. (A third page would be glued to the back side of the second page with the original book page between them.)

Add any extra touches you would like. This book was being used at a function with a lot of shiny gold decor so I added the strips of gold glittered scrapbook paper to divide the columns. I also added some gold gems at the top. Be sure to supply the perfect pen too. Stick pens can be covered with scrapbook paper and a glue stick so your options are endless.

Party decor needs to flow from the invitation to the guest registry to the parting favor. So, keep that in mind when you are planning your next special event and when you are creating your very own custom guest book. Your guests will love your creativity!

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