Thursday, July 15, 2010

Is a Tent Just a Tent?

Last Summer I purchased two small tents for my grandchildren to use for play. I bought them in the sporting goods department rather than the toy department. They are super easy to put up and take down. They each roll up and go into a small zippered case that uses minimal storage space between uses.

The tents have ended up being a great investment with just a full year of use so far. It makes sleep overs at grandma's extra fun when we set them up in the living room for our little overnight guests.

The tents have been used outdoors, in the garage, and indoors depending on the weather.

With the children using their imaginations the tents have been used as forts, hideouts, military headquarters, labs, offices, play houses, stores, libraries, doctor's offices, a zoo, police stations, hair salons, a spa, a camp site, and more.

 Laundry baskets have been turned into tables. folded blankets into beds, body pillows into couches, stacked pillows into chairs, old phones and notebooks into office supplies. The options for indoor and outdoor play with a tent are limitless when a child's imagination is at work.

For your hard earned dollar a tent or two are great investments for the grandchildren. My ten grands have had hours and hours of fun already with my $30 investment in our two play tents. As you see, a tent is not always just a tent!


  1. I have two tents that I bought in the toy department for my grandkids, but you are right: it's better to buy them in the sporting goods department. The ones I bought are too small for actually sleeping in.

  2. My tents are considered two man tents. The men in our family laugh at that and even the thought of having to share the space with another man!

    They are the perfect size for three or four little ones.