Thursday, July 15, 2010

Everything Cupcake Birthday Party

My granddaughter celebrated her seventh birthday with an everything cupcake birthday party!

My daughter and I spent an afternoon sewing up these cute pink cupcake print aprons for each of the party guests.

The invitations were a cupcake design, as the girls arrived they put on their cupcake aprons. Each of the girls got to decorate a box of cupcakes to take home. They were provided pre-baked cupcakes, a variety of frosting colors, frosting bags and tips, and a huge assortment of sprinkles and cupcake decorations.

The cupcake theme was a big hit with the girls.

The birthday girl's birthday cake was even a cupcake!

The games, prizes, and party favors were everything cupcake. In this game the girls passed around a bag that is decorated in cupcakes until the music stopped. The girl caught holding the bag got to choose one  of the cupcake theme prizes from the bag.

Other games could be Pin the Cherry on the cupcake, Drop the cupcake (play like drop the hanky), cookie, cookie, cupcake instead of Duck, Duck Goose, or  a cupcake pinata would be really cute and easy to make. Any party game could probably be tweaked to fit the cupcake theme.

Cupcakes are very HOT right now and it is easy to find really cute and inexpensive decorations, prizes, and paper goods. My daughter found most of her party supplies in the dollar stores. The aprons were just a few dollars each to make. 

This party theme would probably fit into most budgets.  If you have a little girl in your life who is celebrating a birthday she could very well be tickled pink to have her very own Cupcake Party.


  1. What happy girls! Great idea. I can't wait to have a little grandDAUGHTER so such events will be a possibility! You better still be blogging by that time so I can come back to you for ideas!

  2. What a great idea, having the girls decorate cupcakes to take home to share with their family. Most of the fun is in the decorating anyway. The aprons are darling.