Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Royal Gathering

It has been very quiet over here at Grandma's Little Pearls. I have had a special assignment to work on that has monopolized any free time that I have had. It has monopolized it in a good way since my time has been filled with something I love doing.

I was asked to cater a "Royal Gathering" for two hundred honored guests. The guests will be teenage girls and their camp staff. The theme of their camp this year is "Daughter of a King".  I was responsible for the promotional posters, the decor, and the refreshments.

I have been taking pictures along my sometimes very messy and cluttered creative path. At one point I had a full size pop-up set up in my living room for over a week. I had to have it in the house so that I could keep looking at it, it's framework, and it's possibilities for being transformed into a castle. The inspiration finally came and the pop-up was taken down. I am happy to say that when I put it back up again it will be a castle that the linen draped and adorned refreshment tables will sit under.

My husband really doesn't get it. The lengths I will go to, the little details that have to be perfect, and the time I spend on what will ultimately be a one hour gathering prior to a special evening program that is being presented to the girls. I tried to explain that I don't see it any differently than the amount of time and work that goes into Thanksgiving dinner and then it's all over within minutes! It really doesn't matter if he gets it or not because it is my thing and I thrive on even the littlest of details and I am happy to do whatever I can to help make the girls camp experience a memorable one for the girls.

I have pulled from my personal resources to create a tablescape fit for a King. Gold trimmed mirrors are being transformed into serving pieces, Cut glass bowls, a cut glass cake cover, and some crystal stemware are being turned into a towering lighted centerpiece for the 8'x8' serving table. Foam core into the top of the castle, and scrapbook paper and dowels into royal pennants blowing in the breeze high about the castle. I pulled everything gold from my Christmas decor to add some royal bling to the table.

The refreshments are going to be very simple but the presentation beautiful and memorable for the royal guests. I am taking several pieces of crystal stemware at varying heights. I plan to set them upside down on the mirrors and use them as pedestals for some of the cupcakes.

I am finally to the point of packing my car and heading to the pines in the morning. I am anxious to make the vision I have in my head a reality for the girls tomorrow night. I will take lots of pics and share many more of the details when it is all over. My hubby left town this morning and won't be returning for a few days. I'm sure he is looking forward to my "Royal Mess" being cleaned up and out of the house for his return!

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