Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Turn an Inexpensive Folder Into Something Special

This folder is for an upcoming 
Talent Show 
for a children's organization.

The event has a "STAR" theme.

With the use of scrapbook paper and a computer you can start things off right by kicking off the theme of your event from the very beginning. I like to make planning folders for my committee members that fit the event to be planned. 

To make a folder like this one pick out a few coordinating scrapbook papers that fit your events theme. Purchase enough paper so that you have enough for other promotional items too.

Cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit the cover of the folder. Use a glue stick to glue in place.

Make sure any overlays are balanced and appealing to the eye. Use coordinating ink colors on any computer print outs.

Use coordinating papers on the inside and include any needed information. The sign up pages in this folder have a strip of coordinating paper down the left side. The pages are stapled to the front of the back cover.

To finish the top edge cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit the width of the back cover and tall enough to be folded over equally to cover the staples on the front and back of the back cover. Fold the strip over the back cover and use a glue stick to glue it into place.

You can make a matching stick pen using a 1"strip of matching scrapbook paper cut to the length of the pen. Glue one edge of the paper to the pen using a hot glue gun. Lay and hot glue 1" of the string or  yarn (18" long or so) down the top glued edge and roll the paper around the pen to overlap the first glued edge and the string and hot glue it into place by running a long thin line of hot glue along the edge of paper. Press, roll, and hold in place until hot glue is set.

Attach the string to the inside of the front pocket using a square of scrapbook paper. Put a good amount of hot glue on the square of scrapbook paper (2x2 inches)  then place 1-2 inches of the string in the hot glue. Place the paper, string, and hot glue to the inside of the folder pocket (closer to the center fold) and hold until set. Be careful not to glue the pocket down.

There you have it an inexpensive folder transformed into something special and filled with important information using paper, string, and glue.

This folder coordinates with the promotional posters, the promotional flyers, the talent show stage decorations, and the participation certificates that the children will receive.

Little things can make a big difference in the participation and success of an event. I will post pictures of the promotional posters soon. When a child signs up to participate their name is printed on a "Star" on the posters. The kids love seeing their names listed as a  "Star of the Show"!

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