Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Birthday's for the Grown Ups

I have four children, three are married children who have made me a very happy grandma to ten so far. As much as we love our children and grandchildren we also love having nights out without this little ones. My husband and I have treated all of our grown children and their spouses to a night out every year in December for several years now. It is part of our HO...HO...HO...liday calendar. We always have a great time.

We recently started a new tradition for the adult birthdays in our family. Instead of the siblings and in- law kids purchasing gifts for one another we each pay our own way and we go out to dinner together. The birthday gift is now a gift of our time to share an evening together as a family. The person with the birthday gets to choose the restaurant.

With our family unit growing to nine adults we prefer getting a large round table so that we can visit with everyone over dinner. I recently found the perfect restaurant for my adult family birthday celebration.

A local mexican food restaurant had what they called the family tower with a round table that will seat 10. Perfect!

The name of the room was perfect as was the space for our special occasion. 

The murals painted on the walls were beautiful and the room was very private.

We felt like we were sitting in a Mexican Village.

To top it all off they came and sang Happy Birthday in Spanish along with a few more of our special requests.

We had a great time spending our adult time away and building bonds and memories as the growing older grown ups that we are!

Tip: Our Olive Garden also has a room called a "Family Room" The table is not round but the room is private. The service is always great too. They always assign two servers to the room. Red Robin also has a big booth that we can all squeeze into. The Outback has large round tables but they are in the middle of the main dining rooms and it is always too noisy to hear one another speak.

How do you celebrate adult birthdays in your family?

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