Thursday, August 5, 2010

And the Winner is....

It was a very lucky day for me when post number #11 over at Grandma's Briefs was randomly picked as the grand prize winner of it's one year blogiversary celebration!

As a fellow grandma blogger I am absolutely in love with 
Lisa's blog title and graphic.

It was her blog title and graphic that first caught my attention.

I visit her blog almost daily and I promise that her wit, creativity, and honesty does not end with the granny panties!

Lisa started her blog to help ease the distance between herself and her one grandchild Bubby.
It has grown to be a loved read by many.

While we are complete opposites when to comes to the miles
between us and our grands we couldn't be more alike 
as the doting grandmas we are!

Although,  Lisa over at Grandma's Briefs made this post possible
 is it after all about


the grand prize winner!

I have been going through a real rough patch recently (nearly 6 weeks now) when a routine dental visit went horribly wrong. So, being randomly chosen as the grand prize winner was a real bright spot amid my weeks of suffering. Are you feeling sorry for me yet?

It was noon when the doorbell rang and like most days in the last 6 weeks I was still in my nightgown moping around the house. Please, feel free to go get a tissue if you need one. Thankfully, our mailman is actually a mail lady and I opted to open the door despite not being dressed. I first tried to stay behind the door and lean around to grab the shipping box and mail. Whoops! That made things way worse as I realized the mail lady was getting a close up view of some pretty deep bra...less granny cleavage! In that instant I thought maybe she didn't just see that and I was hoping that her focus was on my wild head of hair that hadn't been styled for a few days or my age spotted face that was scrubbed clean and lacking even a smidgen of color. She was very kind and thoughtful by not making any eye contact with me. Poor thing. 

I swear if I had been dressed I would have gotten a picture of the mail lady delivering my grand prize package!  This was a real highlight in my otherwise dreary world. (I am accepting sympathy cards.)

Once the awkwardness of getting the mail (I hope you can forget the vision in your minds eye too) was behind me I was very excited to open up my box of grand prize goodies!

There it is. Packaged with care. Not a single broken cookie.

The cookies were delicious! Warmed in route by the Arizona sun. They tasted fresh baked. I carefully took a bite and chewed on my left side only. (doctor's orders. Did I mention for nearly six weeks now?) What an absolute treat!  It wasn't pudding, jello, yogurt, cottage cheese, mashed potatoes, ice cream, sherbet, applesauce,  or tomato soup!  I ended up gently chewing four of them before bedtime last night!

These three books were also included in the prize. The Mommy pick-me-ups will be my first read. It sounds perfect for a down in the dumps grandma who also happens to be a mommy. (I have been unable to find any online support groups for those of us suffering home bound in dental pain while restricted to a soft diet and left side chewing only.)

And, look at this! My very own One Year Blogiversary edition Grandma's Briefs tote bag. I love it! 

Winning this prize couldn't have happened at a better time. It was a much needed boost amid many days of ice packs to soothe my swollen and bruised jaw, ongoing whimpering, bloody drool stains on my pillowcases, healing salt water rinses, pills to ease the pain, the crisp scent of prescription strength oral rinse, and ongoing antibiotic treatments. And, very much like the anticipation of receiving the grand prize package I do have another bright spot to look forward to. The surgeon is going to remove my stitches next week! I will then be on the home stretch. (standing applause appreciated) It will only be another six weeks of recovery before I can reschedule (with a different dentist) the original routine procedure that still needs to be completed and before normal eating can resume. 

And, being the resource saving, crafting grandma I am. The packing pellets are being stored away in my Grandkids' Christmas Day Camp trunk. They have inspired a Christmas craft project that my grands will love making during our 12 hour day camp in December!

Thanks a bunch Lisa and Congratulations on your One Year Blogiversary!  Well done.


  1. Dear Grandma Shelley,

    I am sending you lots of sympathy! Tooth pain is the worst. Hope you are all better soon!

    Grandma Kc

  2. CONGRATULATIONS MOM! I hope you feel better soon. The girls are dying to go to the cabin!

  3. I'm so, so happy you enjoyed it! You deserved to be the winner -- not only because of your poor mouth but just because you're such a sweet woman!

    And I'm thrilled the cookies were not a baggie full of crumbs by the time they got to you!

    Thank you for the thank you!

  4. Tooth pain and eye pain are the worst. They can make you feel bad all over your whole body! I missed the post where Lisa announced this giveaway. I saw it later and really lusted over the bag. Now I'm glad you got it. I think you needed it more than I did!

  5. Congrats on your win. You'll have hours of enjoyment with the books and if you're like me, minutes of enjoyment with the cookies. I couldn't resist gobbling them down in one sitting.