Friday, August 6, 2010

A John Deere Birthday

Check out the awesome John Deere / Tractor Birthday cakes. This little birthday boy loves tractors and everything farm. His bedroom is decorated in farm with cow print sheets, pictures of his great grandpas real Idaho farm hanging on the walls, and cute wooden letters hanging on the wall spelling the word "FARM". Each letter painted and covered in a cute farm print scrapbook paper. He loves the big John Deere sign that hangs above his bed. He also has an antique milk can tucked in the corner that came from his great grandpas barn. His dresser has a stack of farm and tractor theme books for bedtime stories.

So,  it was no surprise that he wanted a John Deere birthday party. As a grandma and mostly a mother-in-law I was down right impressed with the birthday cakes. Why you ask? Because they were made from scratch by his daddy using an old family recipe of the birthday boys great grandma. A favorite cake that was baked many times in the old family farm house kitchen in Idaho. The recipe is titled "Nana's Chocolate Cake".

His daddy even decorated the cakes. The green symbolizing crops and the chocolate being the rich soil of an Idaho farm field. His daddy made mounds of chocolate frosting that looked like piles of soil being moved by the heavy machinery. The cakes were very, very cute and far more delicious than any bakery cake!

Most meaningful to me was the rich family roots that played an important part in this birthday celebration. I knew that the four year old birthday boy's great grandpa was looking down from heaven with love and great pride for his grown grandson who once worked at his side on the family farm as a  boy. Now, a very hardworking, loving, and outstanding father who is raising three sons of is own. And, knowing that his great-grandson loves farming and Nana's chocolate cake too surely must have put a great big smile on great-grandpa's face.


  1. What a wonderful story. The Dad gets 2 thumbs up from me!

  2. What a great idea and the gifts are on the cake. There seems to be no end to what you can do with a birthday cake.