Monday, August 16, 2010

One Very Juicy Blooper!

Our  trip to the cabin in the pines was very nice. We had eight children, ten adults, and three generations sharing the fun filled weekend together. 

With the fridge space being a premium I had to leave a half of a watermelon that wouldn't fit in the fridge on the counter for a few hours while everyone scooped out some of the juicy sweet fruit for a snack. The near empty half of melon was filled with leftover juice when it needed to be thrown out.

I took the melon out to the deck to toss it over the edge thinking that some of the wildlife might enjoy the remnants of this juicy summertime treat. I wanted to bust the melon into pieces by throwing it hard against the rocks. So, I lifted the melon high above my head to get a good throw. Any ideas on what happens next?

Not thinking, I centered the juice filled melon right over my head I flung it. At that point every drop of juice dumped squarely on my head. Whoops! I had  melon juice in my hair, it drenched my shoulders, and it ran down both of my arms. Everyone was very sorry that they had missed grandma's big juicy blooper. By the way, the throw ended up being great and watermelon juice sets up better than any hair gel!


  1. Oh my! What a sticky, icky mess. And all for naught, as I can't imagine it making you -- the sweetest of all -- any sweeter!

    I hope the rest of the trip was less messy and loads of fun!

  2. If I ever say "taffy" to the grands, they will run! Last year's Grandma Camp theme was CandyLand and Cooking School. We made pinata's (gumdrops) and then the taffy to go inside. We were in a hurry to go to the lake (Frostine's place) and so the taffy had not cooled enough when we tried to pull it. It was the stickiest mess you can imagine! It was good though, I got the recipe from the color and flavor come from unsweetened punch powder.

  3. When things go haywire they can create the best memories. I love that you and your grands share in the "taffy" memory.