Friday, September 3, 2010

Easy to Make Lady Bug Cupcakes

I was lucky to have my camera along at a pizza place when a family arrived to celebrate the birthday of a sweet little girl who loves lady bugs.

Her mother had made two full trays of these adorable lady bug cupcakes. They are easy enough to make for a special everyday treat or even allow the kids to help for a fun cooking activity with grandma.

To make:

Bake your cupcakes using your favorite recipe or box mix.

You will need a batch for the lady bug bodies, and a batch for the lady bug wings.

These wings were red velvet cupcakes. 

Allow your cupcakes to cool.

Make or purchase a batch of white icing,

Leave one half of the icing white and color the other half red.

First frost the cupcakes that are going to be used for the red wings and place the brown m&m dots in place before the icing sets. Place these cupcakes in the freezer or fridge so that they get nice and firm. You are going to cut the tops off of these cupcakes to create the wings.

To put the lady bugs together:

I would do them one at a time.

Unwrap the red iced cupcake and cup the top off. Then cut in half to make the two wings.

Frost the base cupcake in white icing and place the red wings on top and a black gumdrop for her head all before the white icing sets.

Repeat until you have your full swarm of darling little lady bugs.

Kids will love these. How many times have you seen just the top of the cupcake eaten? These cupcakes have two tops!

Any ideas on how to use all of the topless cupcakes that you will be left with? 


  1. You could make cake balls out of the cupcake stumps :)

  2. You could make a wonderful chocolate torte - layers of cake and whipped cream - sometimes we add cherry pie filling too!

    I have a pan that make "muffin tops" - it's a funny looking pan but then you aren't left with left over "bottoms".
    It looks so shallow and only takes a few tablespoons of batter in for each top.

  3. Dear Grandma Shelley,

    You could make some wonderful parfaits with that left over cake! The grandkids could even make their own using fresh fruit and pudding. The options are endless. Thanks for sharing the Ladybugs with us. I'm going to try them. ~Kc

  4. I'm so glad you had your camera. Those are darling. I wonder if you could use a sugar cookie for the wings?