Sunday, September 19, 2010

Guilty but, Oh so Innocent

Following an invention craft time I failed to put the black Sharpie away in a safe enough place. Little hands got ahold of it and before I caught him in the act there was black Sharpie on the couch, on his shirt, and he was starting on his face.

I used Spray-in-wash on his shirt and on the couch cushion but the black ink seems to be sticking to it's promise of being a permanent marker!

Baby wipes did the trick on his innocent little face.  I was able to scrub his face clean before his mommy came to pick him up.

While scrubbing his face I said: "Your mommy is going to kill me!"

He giggled and said: "No, she's not."

I said: "Is she going to kill you?"

He chuckled even louder and said: " Mommy is not going to kill anyone!"


  1. Just recently at a family gathering my 2 year old grandson, who we thought was playing with his cousins, came in the kitchen with magic marker all over his hands and arms. I don't know why he didn't draw on his face.We all laughed but I'm sure my daughter had trouble cleaning it off.

  2. I love this post! He is so serious with Sharpie traces on his face!