Sunday, October 3, 2010

Making Muffins & Memories

My four year old grandson pulled out a jiffy cornbread muffin mix from my pantry and asked if we could make them. I asked him if he knew what they were fearing that the picture looked like a cupcake and that he might expect something a bit sweeter.

He assured me that he knew what cornbread was and that it was exactly what he wanted!

He did the measuring, stirring, and the placing of the muffin liners in the baking pan.

I knew the fifteen minutes of baking time 
was going to seem like eternity to him.

We filled our time waiting by making a craft together.

It was muffin time before we knew it.

Hot cornbread muffins.

With butter and honey.

He's not really crossed eyed.

He was just having some silly fun with grandma.

We added a glass of cold milk
and called our
hot muffins and milk our

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  1. Not only did you make a great memory but you add some math too. From my teacher perspective, measurement is a difficult skill for children to understand.