Monday, November 29, 2010

Little Thing...BIG Delight

I must share a fun find this Christmas season. Maybe my find has been around for a while but it is something new to me. My first find was rolls of polk-a-dot packing tape (clear 2" wide tape that came in a variety of poke a dot colors) on the clearance table at 80% off at Michael's. It had originally been in the dollar section so it was only .20 cents a roll! I chose red and green dots knowing that I could surely come up with a fun use for them at this year's Grandkid's Christmas Day Camp and if not who cares what color the packing tape is if you are actually using if for packing AND it was only .20 cents!

More recently I was in Michaels and I could not believe my eyes! It may not be a big deal to you but I am always on the look out for HoHoHo Christmas decor because we have a family tradition that we call the holidays and all of our Christmas traditions that we do together the Ho...Ho...Ho...lidays. Yes, we even have a tradition to name our traditions!

Check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Can you believe that someone can be so delighted over a $1 find?

Ho...Ho...Ho... packing tape.

I have little to no interest in actually using it for packing.
It is going to be a craft supply in my 
Ho...Ho....Holiday's Christmas tub.

I have already found one use for it.

We have already been on our annual adult night out with our adult children.
This year I had all of my married kids hire a babysitter for their kids rather than having them all stay at my house with sitters.

At the end of our night my husband and I presented them each with (no, not a cd) a hand made card that slipped into a cd envelope with  "Ho...Ho...Ho... babysitter bucks" tucked inside as a party favor.

I created the "Babysitter bucks holder" out of white card stock and my HoHoHo packing tape. (Yes, another tradition to hand the adult night out babysitters their cash with some kind of Ho...Ho...Ho... bling!)

You will have to check back to see how many different ways this very delightful roll of packing tape will be used this holiday season. I can't wait to see too!

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