Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crime Doesn't Take a Holiday

My rural neighborhood of custom homes on acre lots has been rocked this week with what seems to be a crime spree. There have been two attempted break ins, one of them being the house right behind my home, one ring on the doorbell and when the family answered the two men standing at the door ran away carrying a big board. (Thinking it was going to be used to knock the door in if no one was home.) That one was directly across the street from me. Today they broke into the home of our newest family to our community and helped themselves to their belongings! What a welcome, right! If that is not scary enough they did it at four o'clock in the afternoon. They exited our neighborhood by plowing through a white rail fence that borders our entire development.

We have lived here for four years and we have always felt very safe but that changed this week with the bad guys using their free agency to do their bad deeds in our quiet community.

Things can always be replaced but crimes against you rob you of so much more. Seven of my grands and their families live within the community too. I hate that they have been exposed to such ugliness in a place they call home.

As neighbors we are going to rally and look out for one another. And the bad guys...I hope they end up spending Christmas in jail! I would be very happy to send them a Christmas Card that reads "Shame on you!"

Prayers for our neighborhood please.

Thank you,


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