Thursday, December 9, 2010

Good Conquers Bad!

Yesterday I posted about the recent crime in our neighborhood. It was just last night that the neighbors put the pieces together and realized that our community was somebody's target this Christmas season.

I felt very uneasy going to bed last night and I was worried about being home alone during the day.  When I woke and opened the shutters on my windows it was very clear that others were helping to look out for me and the other neighbors who work during the day. There was law enforcement doing their rounds and a neighbor man who works from home making regular drives throughout the neighborhood.

I also went to bed sick and tired of what the world is becoming. How do bad guys grow up not learning the difference between right and wrong and become heartless takers rather than contributing members of society.

When I went into the kitchen to make my breakfast this morning I was reminded of how much good we have in the world and to not allow the few bad guys to get to me. As I cut two slices of homemade bread I thought of the goodness of the friend who gave it to me. As I spread it with jelly I thought of the goodness of those who home canned the delicious jelly and shared it with me. As I sat and ate my breakfast I was looking at our Christmas tree. It was filled with the goodness of others over many years through handmade ornament gifts and special memories of family and friends.

While looking at the nativity (another gift from a friend this week) sitting on my buffet I thought of He who's birth we celebrate this CHRISTmas season and the gift of His perfect example that I can live by daily.

I am very thankful for the goodness of MOST people and I do have compassion on those who never learned right from wrong or for whatever their reason may be to have chosen to take such a miserable and selfish path in life as bad guys!

The moral to this post I guess is...... without the adversity of bad guys we can forget to be as thankful as we should be for the good guys who are our neighbors, our co-workers, our family, our friends, and our Savior.


  1. Good DOES conquer all. Sometimes it's not as quickly as we'd hope it to be, but that's where patience comes in. Or so I'm told.

    I hope things improve in your neighborhood. Sounds like you have good folks on patrol duty for one and all. Good luck.

  2. I am so sorry that you have to experience feeling unsafe in your own home! I am more dismayed all the time by the lack of respect for others and their property. We have been told these last days will get pretty bad, I am sorry that my grands have to live without the inocence that we had.

  3. My mom was robbed last Christmas. Thank God she was not home or it might have been tragic. She lives alone as my dad passed away a few years ago. They kicked her door in and stole several things. It can be a sad, sad world but we need to always focus on the good. This year one of our grandsons was sliced open on the leg by another student on the bus. He was sitting two seats away and wasn't even talking to the student. The other student just did it to be doing it. Another way we look at this he is still alive as the cut was an inch away from his artery. Never would have dreamed that either one of these incidents could happen to us but they did. We were blessed though, my mom wasn't home and our grandson is still alive. We are going to enjoy hearing him sing at school with his classmates for the Christmas musical program they are presenting. I also think of all those people who are helping us with two of our grandsons we are raising.