Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Can't Wait to Share This One!

Grandma Shelley's Christmas Workshop is plowing away in preparation for the Grandkid's Christmas Day Camp next weekend. This is just a big ol' tease of something coming. As I have told you before I have a few favorite places to look for things (on the cheap) that will inspire a fun project or activity to do with my grandkids.

This week I was in Big Lots looking for inspiration. It came when I spotted some big and very heavy duty 30 gallon bio-degradable lawn and leaf bags. They had a five pack for two bucks! You see..... you have to search everywhere for inspiration. On inspection..... yes, I opened a package of them and I opened up one of the big ol' sacks and I stood there and looked at it. It looked like a lunch sack for King Kong. Yep, I was excited about this find. I picked up three packages of them and the ideas just flowed on what I am going to do with them. It is a craft project for the kids. All I know is you better check your local Big Lots for the same find because you are going to want to make some too!

I made the sample one up tonight and I just can't wait for the kids to see this project on the Christmas Day Camp Schedule. but for now...... What on earth do you think I am up to?????


  1. Ok, Shelley, we at least need a little hint! I can't imagine making anything fun out of a trash bag :-) Gayle

  2. Omgosh, you are driving me crazy! I can't wait til Christmas camp!

  3. They are paper sacks.

    Picture King Kong walking to school carrying a brown paper lunch bag. His Sandwich and chips in gallon size Ziplocs, An apple the size of a cantaloupe, a fruit roll up the size of a roll of wax paper, a pudding cup the size of the biggest Cool Whip tub, and a family size juice bottle for his juice box!

    Got the picture. The hints were: It is a craft project and each kid is getting their own bag! Come on.... put on your creative thinking caps! Maybe you will think of something even better.

  4. I'm thinking that you could cut a neck hole and arm holes in these bags and make some nifty costumes! We used to do this with paper grocery sacks--remember those! If the sacks you found are similar to some I've seen, they will make some cool costumes.

  5. Susan, That idea did come to my mind as I was standing in the store looking at the sack. My thought was for toy soldier costumes because the bags are so long. Maybe I should go back and get more bags for another year because ten stair stepping toy soldiers would be very cute!

  6. It has to be either giant gingerbread men or gingerbread houses!

  7. Ding...Ding...Ding....!!!! Grandma Hooper guessed it. Grandma Hooper does grandma camps and I will bet that our minds think a lot alike!

    The big bags are going to be transformed into giant gingerbread houses as part of a giant gingerbread village that we are going to work on much of the day. The moms and dads will be able to visit the village when they come for pick up.

    I will post a pic of my sample project soon. They are so cute!

    Good job Grandma Hooper!