Sunday, December 5, 2010

They are Watching us

They are watching us..... not as in a creepy stalking sort of way. I'm talking about the bright eyes of the little ones we love.

My daughter was recently filling a Christmas basket for a widow. Her basket was filled with goodies, thoughtful items she has been collecting over the past weeks, a quilt, and a bag of doggie treats for the widow's pup.

Her four year old son asked if he could make up a bag of doggie treats to give to his aunt (my youngest daughter who lives on her own) and her dog. His mom said sure. He then asked if she had another basket. Mommy didn't have another basket so he ran to his closet and grabbed a cardboard box. He tucked the doggie treats in the box and then looked again at the widow's basket and saw the quilt. "I have a quilt I don't need anymore" he said. He ran off to get the quilt and he added it to his cardboard box for giving.

To my daughter I say "well done",  to my grandson I say "I am so proud of you", and to myself I ask "Is my example always what it should be?"

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  1. Excellent question. I know I need to work on my example in many ways.