Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Massive Heart Attack for Valentine's Day

Last year Papa and I plotted and planned  for a massive Heart Attack on Valentine's Day. A few weeks previous we had returned from a trip to find that our entire bedroom and master bathroom had been"Heart Attacked" by all of our grandchildren. Hearts of all sizes and colors had been cut out, loving messages had been hand written, and each heart was lovingly placed by the hands of our grandchildren. It was hard to find a surface without a heart!

Well, we decided that Valentine's Day was going to be pay back time in a very good way. We loved the surprise and we knew our grandchildren would too. We had gotten permission from all of the parents to "heart attack" our grandchildren. We gathered our supplies, wrote our messages of love, and cut out hundreds of hearts. 

I made cookie sheets full of rolled low stick painters tape to attach our hearts to the surfaces so not to cause any damage. 

On the day of the attack we were ready to go.
Each family had a personalized bag.

Instead of doing all of the bedrooms we did their shared bathrooms. We chose to do three much smaller rooms instead of their seven big bedrooms! The big mirrors in the bathrooms ..... very appropriately doubled our love. 

To personalize it for each child I made each one a heart garland that read
"We, Love, Child's name, Love Grandma and Papa"

Although this project took some time it 
showed our love for them in a very big way.

The parents reported that the kids loved the after school surprise!

We received phone calls from every one of them
about our Valentine's Day Heart Attack!

In fact three of them came to our door
within minutes of being home
with a very excited
Thank you!

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  1. That is so adorable. Love the picture too. :)

  2. What a fabulous idea! You really out did yourself with this one! Good Job!

  3. Awesome ideas plus (seemingly) endless energy equals the greatest grandparenting ever. I don't know how you do it!

  4. Oh Lisa, you are too kind! Call me crazy but I thrive on this sort of thing! As you have probably noticed I have short dry spells every once in a while in my blogging. When I am too busy to blog .... I'm busy doing my doing that I blog about!

    Janet & KC , It was a lot of fun and thankfully I had my hubby's help to pull it all off in one afternoon.

  5. Darling idea! You are such fun grandparents! Your kids are lucky to have you thinking up awesome ideas, and our kids are lucky to share in your creativity!

  6. What an amazing idea! I am blown away by your creativity. I'm sure your grandchildren must feel so loved ...and not just on Valentine's Day!

  7. How cute. My 6th grade class is preparing a Heart Attack for our custodian and the people in our school office.It might be hard to make it a surprise but the kids are excited.

  8. Loved the pictures! You two are amazing grandparents!