Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Very Tacky Situation

Are we not suppose to learn from our mistakes? Well, I have done it again!

As tacky as this recent situation is, it really did bring on a big laugh during a recent road trip with my adult children.

You might remember a few weeks ago when I posted about a very unusual find when unpacking my suitcase from my trip to the mountain cabin.

Yep, there it is my lint roller covered in a bunch of food handler
gloves that I had taken to use for a craft project.

Did I learn from this incident?


I recently packed a bag for the car.

It was a bag of random traveling "just in case" objects. 

I was wearing black slacks
so without thinking again.....

I  threw in my very tacky lint roller.

While digging through the bag to find an item I wanted
I pulled the lint roller out of my bag.

And, look what it came out with it!

A pair of socks,  a huge supply of tissues and
"!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!"
the bag of M&M's I was looking for!

It was hilarious to my family because they had all seen the picture of my lint roller run in with the plastic gloves just a few weeks previously.

Once the laughter ended I had a few thoughts....

Seriously, shouldn't lint rollers come with some kind of cap?

If I was wearing black slacks then why the white socks?

I'm always looking for the tissue in the bottom of my bag.  Maybe having a handle on my tissue isn't such a bad idea.

Being the party planning, game inventing, entertaining grandma I am .... there surely must be a fun game I can invent using my very tacky lint roller!  Hmmmmm?????????????


  1. I always leave the used paper on until I'm ready to use it again. That way it isn't all sticky when you have to take it somewhere.

  2. Do you think if you put your tacky lint roller in the dryer all the missing socks might reappear?

  3. LOL Grandma KC..... smart thinking Kristen!

  4. Hilarious! Almost like a magic wand -- only making things appear instead of disappear. Well, you know it works, anyway.