Thursday, January 6, 2011

You Gotta' Love It!

In the last few weeks I have come across, found myself, 
and created some things myself that you can't do much more 
than just scratch your head and think ...

"You gotta' love it"! 

I had three of my grandsons for five days 
between Christmas and New Years.

There was lots of fort building going on
and what appears to be some holiday decorating
 behind the couch too!


The three grandsons I had staying will me are
all very mechanically minded.
Gadgets seem to come out of the woodwork
when they are around.

Somehow, unknowing to me this rusted pulley was 
hooked to my blouse for hours.
Not really a bad thing if I hadn't been out and about.

We had taken the boys out for pizza and games.
I went about the business of ordering the pizza and
wandering all over the pizza parlor for a couple of hours
with the rusty accessory.

Understandably, the three little boys probably 
thought it was really cool
what is up with my husband not noticing?


This one I created all by myself.

On a recent trip I threw a couple 
last minute things into my suitcase.

A lint roller and a handful of 
food handler gloves.


Not good traveling partners!



  1. Ha! Too funny. And yeah -- what IS up with your hubby not telling you about the unusual accessory? (Sounds like something MY husband would do -- or not do!)

  2. LOL. So funny. My husband would be the one not to tell me just for the fun it. :)

  3. Too funny! One of my grandsons is always leaving me little gifts like the first picture. He cannot resist moving and rearranging everything!