Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brazilian What?

I have always been pretty low maintenance. I only shop for clothing on an as NEEDED basis. My make up has always been from the drug store and my trips to nail salons bordered on nearly never. When I was raising my family I would get my hair cut at places like Great Clips and Super Cuts. The fast food of hair salons and day spas. I have also colored my own hair for years.

I still consider myself pretty low maintenance but since my family has grown I get my nails done on a regular basis and I even treat myself to pedicures. While I still color my own hair I do go to a salon and a master stylist for my cut and style. No more walking out of the joint with wet hair!

My stylist had talked to me about getting a new treatment that would tame my very thick and full body head of hair. My grown girls also encouraged me to do it for myself. As usual, I drug my feet because of the cost. When Christmas came one of my gifts from my husband was a gift card for the new treatment and more. So, shortly after Christmas I set up my appointments.

Yes appointments.  All of my work was going to take 2 days! I was not feeling very low maintenance. Day one was my first ever salon color. Day two was the Brazilian Blowout Treatment. It was quite the procedure but it absolutely worked miracles. The process starts with a wash with a special shampoo, a blow dry, an application of the brazilian magic stuff to very small sections of hair, hair is now very wet again, another blow dry, then a flat iron to very small sections of hair, then another wash, a cut, another blow dry, and finally the styling!

The result is completely smooth and silky hair. It looks healthier than it has in years. My husband loves it, my girls love it, and I am loving the ease of styling it myself at home. My girls tell me it has made me look ten years younger!

So, until the big hair of the 80's return (my hair was the bomb back in the day) the decades of being a low maintenance gal may be over when it comes to budgeting for Brazilian blowouts three or four times a year. And it's all because of my husband. What a great guy!


  1. ok you got me on that title. I thought oh no she is not going to post about that is she?

  2. What? No picture of the "new do"? How can we judge how fabulous it looks if we don't get a picture!! It does sound fabulous.

  3. But you need to post pics for all your readers!

  4. Okay, Okay. I need to take a picture. My stylist took a slew of before and after pics to show her clients. I am one of her favorite Brazilian Blowout before and afters!

  5. Can't wait to see the photos. You've piqued my interest! I just may have to juggle the budget a bit to add this in.

  6. For a few seconds I thought you were going to write about an entirely different kind of Brazilian! I was thinking ... 'she just doesn't seem the type!'

    Your new hair sounds lovely. I join the choir wishing for a photo!