Friday, February 18, 2011

Top Secret Grandma Camp

For this years Grandkid's Camp Out I have chosen the theme of "Top Secret". They will each be special agents and our activities will be centered on "Top Secret Missions".

One of my ideas was to have a photo badge for each of the grands with a made up special agent name.

My eyes have been wide open while looking for the things I will need (want) for the ideas that I have had to make this camp out extra "Special" for my very "Special Agents".

To make finding the things I need (I would like to have) even more challenging (and really fun for me) is that I am always looking for a great deal too. Every individual item I purchase will be nine times the price because I will have nine very special little agents at base camp (our mission headquarters)  this year.

This find was one of the top items on my wish list.

My original wish was just pin on badges 
While searching Walgreen's for some good deals to spend
a $10 credit (that was expiring that day) I came across these babies.

Originally $3.99 each but clearance priced at just .75 each. 

They were a must have!
A Lanyard, badge holder, and a retractable reel.

How fun are they going to be? Can you believe my luck? They had exactly nine in RED which is perfect for our red and black "Top Secret"camp colors.  I am one very happy camper with this really, really awesome find!


  1. Congrats on your find. lol Does sound like fun for them. :)

  2. Very cool! The kids will surely love them. I look forward to hearing all the details on your special, SPECIAL camp!