Monday, February 14, 2011

Nine Hearts and Ninety Sticky Fingers

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yesterday Papa and I hand delivered our Valentine gift bags to each of our grands. Each bag had Valentine Candies and a couple of small gifts. 

Each one with a personalized tag.

It was fun sharing in their Valentine's Day preparations for school. One granddaughter was making Valentine rockets with the words "You are a Blast" written on them. They were made out of a roll of lifesavers covered in colored paper, the nose of the rocket was a "Kiss" hot glued on, and the red flames from the tail of the rocket were cut out of red construction paper. Super cute!

My two other granddaughters were creating their own cards out of colored papers, markers, and a variety of sticker hearts. Lots of glitter and loving messages too.

Every one of them was excited about this holiday of love. One granddaughter thought it was such an important holiday that she said:' I can't believe they are making us go to school on Valentine's Day!"

My daughters home smelled of freshly baked heart shaped pie pops for teacher gifts. Did you know that little individual pies are the new cupcake for 2011! 

My grown kids got a IOU for some homemade eclairs soon and today it's all about me and my Valentine. My husband of nearly 36 years! It will be dinner out as our Valentine's gift to one another.
And my friends and neighbors.....they get these big plate size sugar cookies that I purchased at a fund raising auction this weekend. All I had to do was bag them up and add the bow! 


  1. Valentine's Day is quite an event around your house. Everything looked so cute. What are pie pops?

  2. It looks like you covered it all very well, Shelley! I had fun making Valentine's with my grands, too, and delivering our little packages. The folded dollar bills they found in their boxes of candy were a big hit! It's fun to read what you've done!

  3. Pie pops are tiny pies on a stick like a lollypop. My grandsons brought Papa and I each one heart shaped apple pie last night for a Valentine's gift. The ones they brought us are the same recipe and idea as pie pops but they are called hand or palm pies. They fit in the palm of your hand. They were apple with a sugar glaze. Delish! They were each in a small clear bag, tied with red ribbon, with a tag that read "Be My Sweetie Pie" then tucked into a small Valentine's box. So cute!

    Edna I knew the kids would love those heart shaped bills!