Friday, February 4, 2011

Let's Celebrate

Most of you know about my family's Ho...Ho...Ho...liday tradtions that begin the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This year we did what our family called the Ho...Ho...Ho...liday Stre..........................tch!

Our Holiday celebrating didn't end until the middle of January! As a Christmas gift my husband and I gave each of our grown children's families tickets to the Disney on Ice show Let's Celebrate.

We had purchased seventeen tickets in a row so that we could enjoy the show together as a family. We actually had eighteen in attendance with my youngest grand sitting on his mommies lap.

The anticipation and excitement among all of the cousins was contagious during the weeks leading up to the show. There were countdown chains made to count the days and my four year old grandson had told everyone he spoke to that we were all going to Iceland together!

Along with the tickets we gave each family a small bundle of spending cash to spend at the event.

On the day of the event we all met at the arena. I loved seeing how excited all of the kids were.

I gave each of the grands matching beanies to help keep them warm during the show and as a symbol of unity among the ten cousins.

Once the show started it had everyone of my grands full attention. From one year to ten years they were all sitting on the edge of their seats! My husband and I kept looking at one another and confirming that we had made a wonderful gift selection.

I loved watching my grands enjoy the show as much as I did the show itself. Our full row of family members enjoyed drinks, popcorn, cookies, cotton candy, Disney suckers, Mickey Mouse ears, and more as we each spent and absorbed this really fun and memorable time together.

It was a high quality show and quality time well spent as a family unit. After the show we all drove to our favorite mexican food restaurant for dinner. That's right, we need a table for 18! Actually, I had called ahead and they were expecting us. 

We were using a gift certificate that I had purchased for our dinner. It was a $75 dollar certificate that I had purchased for just $4. We had to spend $150 to use it. So, without a real budget plan we all ordered what we wanted then asked our waiter at the end of our meal if we had met our minimum. Talk about a perfect ending to our evening .... our tab was $150 and a few cents! So, our party of 18 ate and drank (soft drinks) for just $75. What a deal!


  1. This is a wonderful story. You are building so many great memories for your grand children. They are very lucky to have you both.

  2. What a great idea!! I bet you guys had a great time!