Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Grandkiddie Door?

Like much of the nation Arizona is having it's own arctic cold front moving across our state this week. This morning in was in the low 20's ( I know, but for us that is really cold) when my grandchildren walked to their school bus stop. The bus stop this year is at the end of my front walk.

Each morning six of my grands are on my front porch or walkway for their 7:35 a.m. pick up. Their parents have asked them not to bother me. I open the door for them quite often on my own and invite them in on cold mornings or to just wish them a good day as they are boarding the bus.

This morning I received a ring on the doorbell. My little granddaughter had her hair pulled back and she was complaining that her ears were burning from the cold air. I invited she and her sister in. The other children had not arrived yet.

As we stood at my office window watching for the bus I had an idea. I said we should put in a "grandkiddie door" like a kid sized doggie door. That way you could just come in on your own without waking me or bothering me. They thought it was a great idea!

As the ideas progressed they thought that a do it yourself hot chocolate dispenser would be a good idea too. I teased them and said I could just leave a bowl of cereal and a bowl of milk on the floor for them. They laughed then asked "Can we really do it grandma?"

I don't mind being "bothered" by my grandchildren in the mornings one bit. Seeing my grandchildren off to school happy and healthy always makes my heart smile.


  1. How nice that they can stop in to get out of the weather, or just to say hello. Love the kiddie door and cocoa dispenser ideas, too. Fun!

  2. I bet they really did love your idea of a kiddie-door! I bet they do start your morning off with a big smile!

  3. If anyone could make that idea come to fruition it would be you, you're so creative.