Sunday, February 27, 2011

You Gotta' Love It!

I was sitting behind my daughter and her family today in church. She has three boys 4-9 years old. The boys had gone to a community event yesterday "Cowboy Days" with their dad. I had already heard from the middle boy that he was the "only good one" on the outing. In fact, the middle one said that they didn't get to go to the carnival part of the event because his brothers were not being good.

While in church I noticed that the nine year old was being difficult. I quickly made up a game for him to try to help change his attitude.  On a piece of paper I wrote: Tell me things about Cowboy Days? Then I wrote the letters from A-Z. He was to try to think of things he could remember from Cowboy Days using each letter.

He thought of these four very quickly 
Hungry, Tired, Angry, and Bored!

Poor Daddy!

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  1. I hope the sermon was about Job. Three boys from 4 to 9 would test his patience! I love my grandsons, but they are a handful. And there's only two of them.