Friday, March 4, 2011

Our Grandma Style

Have you ever seen the show What Not to Wear? The show is hosted by two stylists who confront people who they feel should update and improve their look. They find people who are wearing the wrong clothing for their body type and who's hair and make-up could use improvement. It sometimes seems very harsh but in the end the "victims" of the two stylists always end up being "happy winners" with their new and improved looks.

Yesterday I learned of  a blog that I was getting traffic to my blog from. It is written by a beautiful young mom of three. Her blog post was titled When I am Old and Gray. She shared how she is a big time  planner in her personal life. Although she still has a very young family she is already thinking and planning on what her Grandma Style is going to be when she is old and gray. She is very honest in her post regarding her own parents and her in law parents as grandparents to her children. She is very grateful and loving towards the grandparents but her wants for her own children and the grandparents are what has triggered her planning waaaaaaaaay ahead on the kind of grandparent she wants to be for her own grandchildren.

I totally get her post. I have heard the same story many times from the young parents that I have associated with over the last several years.

The question is: If our grown children were the "grandparent stylists" for us would we be "victims" or the "happy winners" after they helped us tweak our grand parenting style?

This young blogger happened upon Grandma's Little Pearls  recently. She shared my blog with her readers as it being the kind of grandma stuff she is now planning to do when she gets old and gray!

I am very flattered!


  1. I feel so honored! Seriously! I blog stalk you like crazy! Thanks for sahring all you do! God Bless!!!


  2. How sweet of Kristine!

    If my girls were my stylist, I'd be wearing those jeans that show your entire butt when you sit down. What's up with jean design? So I stick with my good ol' Levis as they don't subject me to public humiliation. Other than that ... well, style? What's style?

  3. Shelley,

    You do represent the Grandmas of the world very well!

  4. What an honor, Grandma Shelley. All of us grandma bloggers think you are great, and I know that your kids and grandkids think you are great, but to be plucked out of the blogosphere as a shining example of grandparenthood--that's really extraordinary! Congratulations!