Thursday, March 10, 2011


This is this little guys wardrobe style every single day except on Sundays for a few hours when he wears his white shirt, dress pants, and a necktie to church.

Jeans, boots, a button up shirt, bandanna, and his cowboy hat is what makes him a cowboy. His mother tells me that he dresses himself very, very early in the day. So early that mom can't be there to make sure that he is changing his socks.

What real cowboy on the trail would ever worry about clean socks?
He pulls on the boots, saddles up, and he hits the trail to pre-school, a play date with his cousin, or to run errands with his mom.

No holster?

No problem.

His nearly three year old cousin who lives next door 
came galloping over to play.

Yep, another cowboy!

Looks like they might have some corrals to clean out.

Loving the Wranglers!

I sure love my little cowboys.

Stinky boots and all!


  1. Those are some mighty cute cowboys!

  2. It's rodeo time down here, so we're seeing a lot of cowboys large and small, but I'm not sure I've seen any cuter ones!