Monday, March 7, 2011

A Great Big OOPS!

I have no idea how I allowed it to happen. I had asked all week about the progress of the car and I was looking forward to being there to cheer my grandson's pinewood derby car to the finish line. You cannot even imagine my disappointment when I realized that I had missed the event.

It was a Friday evening when my husband came home and we decided to catch an early movie. We rushed to make the movie and somehow we forgot all about the derby. We didn't realize our mistake until we came out of the movie and checked our phones for messages.

I was just sick about this great big grandma oops! I  later learned that my grandson had won first place in the event! This news made the sting of me being MIA even worse.

The next morning I only had one thing on my mind and that was to go see my grandson and his winning car.

There it is..... his super fast car.


He told me all about the event 
and I told him how sorry I was that I missed it.
He ran into the house to put his car away 
and he returned with a bit of a celebration.

A blanket and a tub of Muddy Buddies that he had just made.

There I was.
Surrounded by three loving and 
forgiving little boys who made it all better!


  1. That car is awesome. Know how you fee about missing an event. :)

  2. I did something very similar last year. I forgot to go see my grandson making a speech at his school. I felt like a bad grandma! But even grandmas occasionally mess up.

  3. I let something that I thought was top priority prevent me from attending something special that my grandson was involved it. I realized that in the "big picture" it wasn't top priority but my grandson's event was. It was a hard lesson to learn.

  4. This sounds like something I would do! Life happens. Congrats to your grandson!