Monday, April 18, 2011

DIY Birthday Cupcakes

This was the birthday boy's DIY birthday cupcake.

But, let's start in the beginning.

He came up with the idea to allow each guest
to decorate their own birthday cupcake.

All you need is cupcakes,

the toppings,

and young culinary imaginations.

The birthday boy started things off.

Then all of the guests from ages
 2-11 jumped in.


and Yummier?

The three youngest cousins were like the very happy 
ants that come and clean up after a picnic.

The kids loved this DIY cupcake idea!


  1. That is so cute!!! Bet it was fun to see the different creations each of them came up with!

  2. Great idea to knock out the cake AND a party activity in one fell swoop. We did a similar thing with cookie decorating one year for my December daughter's birthday. They decorated cookies and brought home a tray (cute holiday trays purchased for the party) as their party favor.

    Happy birthday to the birthday boy!

  3. Kids love to pile as much stuff on top of a small space as they can. When my grands decorate Halloween cookies they can hardly carry them there is so much candy on top!