Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In Just Over 40 Hours

My nine little top recruits will be arriving in just about 40 hours for our 2011 Grandma Camp. The house will be transformed into a Secret Agent Training Camp with a security check point, background checks, a fingerprinting lab, ID Lab, and more inside our Top Secret base camp. Outdoors the tent will be set up for an overnight Undercover Stake Out to catch one of America's Most Wanted who has been spotted in the area. His crime spree.... He has a real sweet tooth and he has helped himself to sweets and treats from across the globe. He has been known to hit movie theatre concession stands, ice cream trucks, donut shops, candy factories, vending machines, home pantries, bakeries, and even children's lunch boxes! I can't wait to tell you what our sources have told us about this guy and our plan for catching him. It is going to take some very good secret agent undercover work to solve this one.

For now, I must return to my camp preparations. Stay tuned. I will have some really fun and classified secrets to share after grandma camp 2011.

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