Friday, April 22, 2011

Grandma Camp 2011

Well, it's over. While the kids were here I had them do some math regarding their need to listen to the instructions for our projects and activities. After multiplying by nine (the number of campers we had)  a few times they saw just how quickly and how high the sums would become if I had to repeat myself to each kid 3-4-5-or 6 times!

Grandma Camp 2011 is now a memory. We packed a ton into our time together. I like the idea of multiplying our numbers when it comes to the memories made. Now our number to multiply by needs to be eleven to include Papa and I. We will never know the actual number of personal memories that were made but I am certain it is a pretty awesome number indeed!

More to come once I am showered, rested, and I have enjoyed a fair amount of post-camp-out relaxation!


  1. I am sure like everything else you plan and do it was absolutely fantastic. Can't wait to hear more on the camp, HAPPY EASTER to all

  2. Can't wait to hear more. I love the picture of Papa looking like a secret agent.