Friday, April 8, 2011

Simply, A Good Week

Some of the things that made me smile this week:

Ordering three sets of scriptures for my three grands who will be turning eight this year and knowing how excited they are to receive them.

My grands coming to my shuttered open bedroom window before school and whispering; "Grandma, are you awake?" I open the shutters and we sit and visit until the bus comes. 

Opening the door to a knock and being surprised to see one of  my grands who does not live on the street. His mom was down the street at my daughters home. Out of breath he said; "I just wanted to come and say hi!" We talked at the door and shared a hug and he was off.

Seeing a portion of my front porch being used as a park and ride lot.

A different kind of jungle gym being enjoyed.

Siblings that love each other.

The plans for a tetherball court at grandma's house.

Spending time with a group of 16 amazing girls doing 
good things..... one of them being my oldest granddaughter.

Helping my seven year old grandson with his homework, doing some on line shopping together for a tetherball, and inviting him to stay and have dinner with Papa and I.

Learning that my seven year old granddaughter used her own bike to teach her little sister how to ride without training wheels. Once her sister mastered the new skill (in just one afternoon) she took her little sisters bike over to her boy cousins house so that they could remove the training wheels. (The boys are 7 & 9). 

Seeing my youngest granddaughter enjoying her new bike riding skills!


  1. I love the fact that a 7-year-old took the initiative to teach her younger sister to ride, and then to get the wheels off. You had a fabulous week!

  2. Sounds like you really did have a great week!

  3. A fantastic week, for sure! Love the newfangled jungle gym and plans for a tetherball court! Fun, fun, fun.

  4. Those unplanned, serendipitous visits are grand!