Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Other End of the Spectrum

I talk about and love doing the grandma thing with my ten grandchildren a lot. In addition to being a grandma I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a leader, a teacher, an event planner, a neighbor, a friend, and a blogger.

While I am up to my ears in Grandma Camp preparations I am also needed to go spend a week caring for my elderly parents. My mother has Alzheimer's and all of the challenges that brings and my father has lost his sight and he is wheelchair bound.

It is always a challenge to keep my mother's mind and hands busy for 12-13  hours a day. So, I am planning to take along my "Top Secret" Grandma Camp projects. It will be fun to share what I have going on with her. It is going to be extra special for me and my grandchildren for my mother to take part in the hands on preparations of this year's grandma camp.

So, while I am away from base camp (and my computer) the day to day operations of preparing for grandma camp will be a top priority to not just grandma but to great-grandma too! Stay tuned..... there is so much more Top Secret stuff to come.

See you next week,

Grandma Shelley


  1. Caring for aging parents is a challenge, but I'm sure that your parents' lives are about to get a lot livelier. Have a great visit!

  2. There were two grandparents afflicted with Alzheimer's while my children were growing up, and now my son-in-law's mother has been stricken. From experience, I know that it is truly difficult to care for the victims of this disease; and with two ill parents, even more of a challenge. You are indeed fortunate to be a young grandparent with lots of energy; and your mother and dad are fortunate to have you to watch over them in their declining years.