Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thirty-Six Years and Counting

Today my husband and I are celebrating thirty-six years of marriage! No big plans to celebrate today except for dinner out tonight. We are treating ourselves to an Alaskan Cruise to celebrate our anniversary in the very near future.

I woke to read a Face book post that my husband posted early this morning that has sent me down memory lane.

He wrote:
"36 years ago today Miss Shelley Farrell became Mrs. Mark Lamont. Our first date was to McDonald's and Tower Records on Central Ave. ('cause that's how I rolled, baby!). To the most beautiful loving and caring wife and Grandma. You are the best! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! i LOVE YOU."

I posted back:
"OH, I'm blushing. I love you too. I remember our first date well. I wish we could post a pic of your car. He "rolled" to the Best of Bread playing on his 8 track player too. Mr. Mark Lamont was a very handsome bachelor who fine dined me, romanced me, and played tunes on his 8 track that you couldn't help but fall in love to. I was very lucky to be his girl then and oh so blessed to be his girl for the last 36 years and counting!"

I have spent my morning thinking about falling in love with my husband over thrity six years ago. I have searched for pictures of the actual McDonalds he spoke of, the Tower record store, early pictures of us together, and pics of his car. It was was one of those little tiny Honda's that they made back in the mid  70's. It was brand new, bright orange, and I mean tiny! He had paid cash for it. Now I'm wishing we still had it today for the amazing gas mileage.

Here is a brochure photo that I found online 
that advertised the tiny honda back in the day.

My hubby's Honda seemed far more sporty to me.... 
He had added custom racing stripes to his and he kept it immaculate
because that is how he "rolled baby"!

I love the memories and I look forward to making many more.

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!


  1. Happy Anniversary to both of you! Your memories brought back a lot of memories for me, too! I remember those Hondas, I remember Bread, I remember Tower Records although for me it was the one on Sunset Blvd. It is wonderful that you have all of that history to share together.

    Good luck on the next 36 years!

  2. I hope your anniversary was wonderful and that you enjoy that Alaskan cruise. My husband and I went on one a few years ago, and we did have a great time.