Thursday, June 23, 2011

Are We Ever Too Old for Play-Doh?

I recently purchased new Play-Doh for my house.  I have nine grands old who are old enough to play with the stuff. It is an inexpensive purchase that fills hours of fun filled time. When I purchased it I wondered if my 11&1/4 year old granddaughter would be too big or maybe just too cool to play with it.

Nope, not too old or too cool!
After all, who can resist brand new cans of fresh,
sweet smelling, and non-contaminated Play-Doh?

These girls had some skills!
'Happy 4th!"
They whipped up a nutritious and yummy meal.
Shish-k-bobs with extra lean meat
and I counted at least 8 different vegetables
between and salad and the bobs!
And, Guess What?

I snuck in some teaching.
They learned to roll and form a pie crust.

I think these girls are waaaaay cool
to not act too old for Play-Doh!


  1. waaaaay cool!!! I just love the smell of fresh Play Doh!

  2. I still love pulling out the brand-new Play Doh and being the first to mush and squish it. Nope, never too old for it!