Thursday, July 21, 2011

Imagine Our Surprise

Last Saturday we had a houseful. My 21 year old daughter had just moved back home and it was the 6th day of having our three little grandsons with us. My husband was the first to hear it. He jumps up from his desk and starts saying stop him, stop him! I didn't know what was going on but I saw my husband running to the other end of the house. The little boys ran out of the house barefoot to stop him. I'm still thinking stop who?

As I was warning the boys of the hot cement on their bare feet I saw what was causing all of the excitement. My husband returned with his wallet in hand. My 21 year old daughter ran out "as is" and joined in. It was a big surprise for all of us because we had not seen anything like it in the five years that we have lived here. Me, I had to grab the camera of course!

It was the Ice Cream Man!

While my grandsons were trying to make their selections their little feet were doing the hot blacktop dance. I think these folks had bought a used ice cream truck with all kinds of ice cream pictures as their selections plastered on the side of the truck but  they started their business with only a few choices. Every time the kids would choose something they didn't have it. My daughter finally said; "Just tell us what you have!"

We needed ice cream like we need another hole in our head. I had just been to the store and the freezer was stocked with a variety of ice cream bars. But, how could we possibly pass up the opportunity to pay quadruple the price from a rusty and low stocked street vendor? On top of that we didn't get our first choice or even our fifth choice. We settled by golly because things like this just don't happen every day!

Is it the ice cream truck music that draws us in? Maybe it's the feelings we have from being a child ourselves that makes us chase down the ice cream truck for our grandchildren. Who knows? What I do know is that once Papa made the command to "stop him!" there was no turning back!

And, despite the glitches it was
oh so worth the sweet memory!

What's your favorite ice cream bar?


  1. That is awesome. I have never had anything out of a ice cream truck. I think they freak me out because of the Chitty chitty bang bang candy man/child catcher.

  2. How fun! The ice cream man is a regular in most California neighborhoods. Amara can hear that truck when it is still blocks away. And there really is something special about getting ice cream from him and sitting on the front porch together to eat it. My favorite -- Neapolitan ice cream sandwich. mmmmmmmmmmmm good!

  3. The music of the ice cream truck screams "Fun is right around the corner". You know grandpa loves those kids when he quickly jumps to give them that fun!

  4. I have great memories of the ice cream man riding up and down our street.
    My favorite ice cream treat is a Creamie Preamie, any flavor. I want one right now.

  5. I'm very excited to find your site! I am a gramma to 9 grands all age 5 and under. Wow are they fun! We also live in AZ and at our last family day the first ice cream truck we had seen in our neighborhood came by right when dinner was ending. Perfect, we all ran out to stop him and pay premium prices for not so great ice cream, the memories, pricless!

  6. You're right--there's something magical about an ice-cream truck! Maybe it's the suspense of not knowing if you can get your hands on some money and get out there in time. My old-fashioned favorite: Dreamsicles.

  7. So glad you all managed to STOP HIM! My fave bar is a DQ peanut buster parfait bar but those won't be found within the ice cream man's truck, so I'll go with those red/white/blue pops (Rocket Pops?).

  8. Loving your comments. Lisa you should have never told me that DQ has a peanut buster parfait bar! The PBP sundaes are my FAVORITE... now knowing I have the convenience of the same treat on a stick could mean further trouble for my hips!