Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All Aboard!

 This group of cousins are next door neighbors and they play together daily. When one of the families is away the ones left at home misses the others terribly. They have even been known to miss their cousins while on some pretty fantastic vacations!

Recently, I had three of my grandsons for a week. I live just down the street but it might as well have been an ocean away. The four remaining cousins at the end of the street missed the boys terribly.

One morning the doorbell rang. It was one of the " missing you" cousins from down the street. She had brought some outdoor fun to share. I approved it but it required some strict guidelines and my constant supervision.

All Aboard!

This was the perfect combination.
One engineer and two passengers.

When more passengers boarded it required some
tweaks in the seating and...

very often a push start to help out the engine
then a quick jump into the car for the ride.

At one point they lost the caboose while going up
a little hill. It is then that I learned that it was
hitched up with duct tape!

They were back on schedule in no time.

They ran the route over and over until ever
drop of fuel had been burned.

It was then time to wash hands and feet in the
hose and to go indoors for some cold drinks.

Cousin love makes my heart just about 
burst with gratitude!

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  1. Very cute! A treasured tradition in my family was my father taking the grandkids and great-grandkids for a ride in the wagon hitched behind his riding lawnmower. (The blade was disengaged, of course.) Then the older kids got to sit with Big Paw and drive.