Saturday, August 20, 2011

Backpack Buddy

As usual the resources I had on hand inspired this project. Because I am always on the lookout for fun and inexpensive finds for my grandchildren I pick up things throughout the year so that I can create things for pennies on the dollar. I store them away until the inspiration comes on how I want to use them. It's not hard to find uses for all of my finds with having my annual back to school parties, Christmas Day Camps, Grandma Camps, Easter baskets and more for my ten little pearls.

These cute little latching containers are actually a waterproof beach tote that I found in Target's dollar section at 75% off. Yep, just .25 cents each. When the inspiration came for their use I couldn't have been more excited!

I created these Backpack Buddies as a party favor for the Grandkid's Back-to-School Party but they would make a great little gift for any back-to-school-er.

I packed a lot into the little container. 
I was able to find most of the items in the dollar store.

1. Just in case name and phone number card. 
2. Band-aids (3)
3. Anti-bacterial wipes (1 pack) 
4. Chapstick
5. Paper (3 sheets)
6. Pencil
7. Extra erasers (2)
8. Cherry throat drops (3)
9. Tissues (1 pack)
10. Cash ($1.00)
11. A love note from Grandma and Papa that sends them a great BIG HUG anytime they could use one.

After I had unsuccessfully made a good hard effort at creating a cute label for the Backpack Buddies myself I gave up and asked my son who is a professional logo designer and more to create one for me. I gave him the words I wanted on it and he used his amazing talents and skills to create the perfect little label for the Backpack Buddy. I loved, loved, loved that he used school bus yellow and the perfect little pencil graphic in the design! They read:  Grandkid's Back to School Party 2011 Backpack Buddy

All I had to do was print them out, run them through my laminator (another generous gift from my son), cut them out and hot glue them to the eight Backpack Buddy party favors!

Each child received a bright red calculator, and some mechanical pencils too.

The calculators were another .25 cent find!

Total cost per Backpack Buddy: 
$2.25 each, including the $1 in cash.

I am happy to report that the kids loved the
 Backpack Buddy
party favors!

Grandkid's Back-to-School Party invites here.


  1. You are one amazing grandma!! and a savvy shopper too!

  2. What kid wouldn't love this? You have such great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Amazing! I find that when I post comments on your site I often use the word ‘amazing’, but you are! And so is this project. I’m going to start checking here first when I’m looking for ideas. Thanks!

  4. I'm going to have to be unoriginal and just repeat: Grandma Shelley, you are one amazing grandmother. I hope your grandchildren have a fantastic year!

  5. You are an inspiration. Thank you from me and my grandchildren for the great ideas!

  6. This is just darling! I love how you explained how it all came together. Where did you find the round stickers to print the logos? I have a use for such stickers but no idea where to find them. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  7. Carol the custom stickers were designed for me by my son who is a web developer and graphic designer. They were computer print outs that I laminated, cut out, and hot glued on to the container. If interested his business name is Progravix Digital Design at