Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You gotta' Love It!

The other day following our back to school party my kindergardener  grandson was showing and telling his daddy all about his new Back Pack Buddy he had received as a party favor. I had filled the little boxes with all kind of "just in case items" for the new school year.

Before I distributed the buddies to each child we first talked about the items inside and how we could use them using a sample one I had made for myself.

Among other things the boxes included band-aids and non-medicated cherry throat drops. Scratches had come up twice during our conversation. One being falling and scratching our skin and the other being a scratchy throat as reasons we may find the items useful.

When speaking to his daddy my grandson pulled out a throat drop and said; "This is for scratches!" His daddy; "You mean for scratchy throats?" Grandson; "Nope, (holding his arms out) you get a scratch, eat this, and the scratch disappears!"


  1. Oh how cute, only a grandma would have a magic throat drop that cures boo-boo's!