Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cutting Edge 4D, NOT!

A few weeks ago Papa and I took eight of our grandchildren to go see the latest Spy Kids movie as part of our back to school party.  Before arriving to the movies there was a lot of chatter among us over the much hyped 4D experience we were going to be a part of.

Was there going to be movement in the seats? Maybe there will be wind? Or maybe, the theater will have bursts of smell?

Upon purchasing our tickets we were handed our cutting edge 4D experience!

Excuse me, but hasn't scratch and sniff cards been around for decades?

I had clearly not done my homework on what 4D meant. We had ALL thought it was going to be added to the 3D experience. We were wondering why they had not given us 3D glasses to wear. We looked to see if any of the other moviegoers had 3D glasses. Maybe we had been missed. Nope, no 3D glasses were anywhere in sight! The scratch and sniff card was it.

Our group of Back to School 4D movie critics were ready to do their job. There were eight different smells to scratch and sniff on the cards. It was pretty exciting when the first prompting came up on the screen to scratch #1. They all used their popcorn, buttered, and candy coated scented fingers to scratch the card. Hmmmm, It didn't smell at all like what it was suppose to. The kids anxiously awaited for the next prompting. Scratch, sniff, it didn't smell any different than the 1st. The kids looked to Papa and I thinking they were not doing something right. 

Among our little movie critics it was decided that the movie was great but the 4D Aroma-Scope hype was a complete flop! 

Tip to the 4D movie making executives:

Packaging the individual scents to protect them from absorbing the other scents would have been the true technical advancement.  DUH!


  1. I heard about this and I was outraged for you! They have a ride at California Adventure which is awesome -- they have fog, and sea breezes and the smell of the orange groves -- that is what I thought Spy Kids was going to be like, too!

  2. I seldom take my grands to the movies. It's just not my favorite thing to do. But after we played outside on Saturday, my grandsons decided they wanted to watch a movie from Netflix On Demand. I was delighted when they picked out Tangled. We all enjoyed it very much.