Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grandparent's Day VIP

I was invited to attend A Grandparent's Day Ice Cream Social that was hosted by the school of five of my grandchildren. I have been a grandma for over eleven years but this day felt a bit weird to me. I had always done my "grandma thing" on a very personal level other than writing about it and sharing my treasured photos of my "grandma things" here at Grandma's Little Pearls.

I couldn't exactly put my finger on what I was feeling. Was it grandparent peer pressure? A fear of not fitting in? A fear of aging? I really didn't know.

It didn't take long for the uneasiness to evaporate. I had a big task to do and that was to go collect my five grandchildren from their classes on a campus I was not familiar with. I was greeted with big smiles and hugs as I pulled each of my grandchildren from their classes.  One by one, as a grandma duck with my grand little ducklings walked the halls gathering siblings and cousins my pride as a grandma grew. I couldn't have been more happy to be there!

Four of my five grand ducklings.

one, two, three, four, five...


My grandchildren thanked me over and over again for coming.
I thanked them for inviting me!

Since it was near the end of the school day I called the 
parents for permission to bring the kids home.

Grandma at school, ice cream, 30 minute early release, and grandma driving the carpool.
It was the best day every.... they said.

For me,
Qualifying as a Grandparent's Day VIP is the BEST!


  1. So fun. I love hearing all the fun things you can do with your grandkids. My children's grandparents live far away (Oregon, North Dakota and New Jersey), and I wish they lived closer! They try to be as close to our children as they can, but its hard when we see them about once a year. You are very lucky!

  2. How awesome! I could just picture you and the little ducklings following you down the hall! Love the pictures! Great ice cream smiles!

  3. My grandkids' schools don't seem to have Grandparent Day very consistently. I know it can be a problem for kids whose grandparents are deceased or live far away.