Monday, October 17, 2011

The Blessing of Being Close By

My young grandson went to his dad the other day and asked him to take the training wheels off of his well used beginner bike. His daddy was prepared to spend some time teaching him to ride his bike without the wheels. The little guy stayed close as his daddy removed the wheels.

Once the wheels were off he announced "Okay, I am going to go ride my bike now!" He jumped on his bike and off he went mastering the new skill right off the bat.

I received a phone call that he wanted Papa and I to see his new accomplishment. We stepped out front because he and his family live just down the street.

He arrived with a huge smile on his face.

His loved cowboy boots and all!

His desire to share this with us and we
being close enough to share in his face to face joy
are both blessings that I am very grateful for.


  1. My kids all live within an hour's drive, but I would like it if they were all just down the street!