Monday, December 5, 2011

Home Away From Home

For the last two years we have spent part of the Christmas season with our entire family at rental properties in snow country. We (20 of us) live in the snow free deserts of Arizona so it has been quite a treat to be able to have a fire in a fireplace, enjoy the beauty, the fun, and even the freezing cold that the fluffy white stuff has brought to our winter vacations.

Both of the homes we have rented  (Rent Calgary) have been very spacious which has allowed comfortable sleeping arrangements for all of us, plenty of space for cooking and eating, ample bathrooms, mud rooms for the wet boots and snow gear, and most importantly plenty of room to create indoor and outdoor memories between the generations of our family.

I love hearing the memories that my grandchildren have from sharing our homes away from home during the holidays. While spending time away from home during the holidays is an investment in money, time spent planning, and in the shared responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, memory making, fire building, crafting, entertaining, storytelling, game playing, picture taking,
nurturing our littlest love ones, and strengthening our family relationships it has all been investments that our family is truly grateful to have been blessed with!


  1. Now that my dear father is no longer with us, I would be open to doing something like this. Calgary is a gorgeous area. My family has found that renting a big house for weekends and vacations makes dollar sense and is also a lot of fun. We just haven't yet tried it at Christmas.