Friday, December 2, 2011

What Will the Next Generations Bring Back?

We were discussing the most popular baby names for 2011 that were released recently. My mother-in-law who is in her late seventies asked why nobody wants to name their kids John, Mark, Susan, or Mary these days? It made us wonder if after a few generations that those names just might resurface as something new and different again.

As trends resurface from our own memories and from history it sometimes surprises those younger than us that they are not new trends at all but ones that we have seen before. When I was in high school it was hip hugger bell bottom pants, water buffalo sandals, and crocheted ponchos. All of which I have seen resurface over the years. I don't know about the water buffalo shoes. You used to have to soak them for a certain amount of time then wear them until they dried so that they would form to your feet. They would turn your feet an awful orange/brown for weeks!

While there is a certain part of our society that never gave up flower power, tie-dye, the burning of incense, peace signs, and driving a VW van,  for the most they were passing trends. Imagine my eleven year old granddaughter's surprise who happens to love anything with a peace sign on it that I too once loved anything with peace signs on it.

Like my granddaughter I had t-shirts, binder covers, backpacks, hair accessories, and jewelry with
peaces signs on them. I cannot shop and see things with a peace sign and not think of this granddaughter. I recently saw a big collection of  peace sign Christmas ornaments and I couldn't help but think of this granddaughter.

A Peace sign is  actually a very good symbol to have on a Christmas ornament. It could symbolize the way He whose birth we celebrate this Christmas season lived his life and He who said: "Come follow me."

What trend do you hope to never see again?

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  1. I hope we never again suffer through bouffant hairdos. I think I was permanently marked by having to sleep on giant rollers, "ratting" my hair into tangles and inhaling clouds of hair spray. That's one style I hope never returns.

    As for fashionable names, you mean that Susan is out of style? What are you talking about?

    Actually, I blogged about my name going out of style a while back. Susan was one of the top three girl names from 1957-1964. Last year it was #792. *Sob* But I still like it.