Saturday, January 14, 2012

Anytime Party Game

This is a party game that I first played with my grands a few years ago at one of our 
Grandkid's Christmas Day Camps. For some reason it was an absolute highlight of the camp. Since then they always ask if we can play it anytime the ten cousins are together.

I had it on this years Christmas Day Camp Schedule but we did not get to it. So, we played it on Christmas eve instead.

It is just like the old fashioned carnival cake walks but instead of winning cakes I have a tray filled with goodies and small prizes. 

To play:

Tape pictures, (I used Christmas pictures such as a santa, snowman, christmas tree, angel, etc.) numbers, or abc's to the floor in a circle. I use pictures because some of my players are very young and do not recognize there numbers and letters yet.  I also like using pictures that fit the occasion or season to add a bit more fluff to the activity. ( I  used some cute gift tags, glued them to an index card, then taped the card to the floor. Super Simple!) Place a matching picture in a bag or bowl to draw the winners from.

Before we start I give each child a goodie bag (sandwich zipper bag works) with their name on it.

To begin, each child chooses a picture in the circle to stand on.

Turn on the music (I used Christmas music this time) and walk in a circle stepping on each picture.

When the music stops (papa's job) they stand hoping that their picture will be drawn.

We pick two winners at a time. (My rule, the winners must pick a different prize each time.)

It is fun to reverse the march, change to hopping, and to sing along with the music!

At the end of the game all of the cousins come to grandma to gather any prizes they didn't win. All leave with a full goodie bag and another highlighted memory of our time together!


  1. Amara misses out on a lot of your fun ideas because she is the only Grandchild.... You do amazing things with those kids!