Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Missing Pumpkin

This post has little to do with my grandchildren except that they all loved seeing the big pumpkin that sat on my kitchen counter through Halloween and Thanksgiving. I can't believe that I didn't get a photo of it because it  had a great shape, excellent color, and the cutest stem I had ever seen on a store bought pumpkin!

Well, one day following Thanksgiving I noticed that my pumpkin was missing from the counter. I had planned to somehow make a bird feeder out of it and place it outside my big kitchen window so that I could enjoy watching the birds helping themselves to the seeds and the flesh of the pumpkin.

Before I could ask anyone else in the house if they knew what had happened to my pumpkin I came across these photos on my computer.

Oh, my youngest daughter has taken it for a walk in the desert.

Not looking good, she has a gun!
Run, pumpkin, run!

Taking aim.

It looks like the local desert birds will still be able to 
enjoy the seeds and what is now the splattered pumpkin flesh.

Poor pumpkin.

I never thought my little girl would grow
up to love shooting guns.

A little grandma reminder:

Keep all guns securely locked up!

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