Wednesday, January 4, 2012

DIY Snowman Kit

Our family Christmas gift to our adult children and their families is a three day snow retreat to the mountain resort of Greer, AZ.  Twenty-eight beds, six baths, ten cousins, four generations, three days.... it's going to be a blast!

My hubby wrote this poem as part of our Christmas day gift presentation:

Our gift to you this Christmas Day
We hope that you will find
To be a very special gift
Not like any other kind

We want you to take a trip with us
Up where the air is cold
To share a time of fun and play
A gift for young and old

In Greer there are two cabins
To stay in for two nights
We all will stay together
And take in all the sights

We’ll have some time for sledding
For snowmen, food, and fun
We’ll sit down by a roaring fire
Til our time is almost done

Then we’ll pack our stuff up in our cars
and while we’re on the drive
We’ll start the countdown in our heads
For the next Christmas to arrive

Merry Christmas and Love Always,

Grandma and Papa

Also included in the gift package was some gas $$$ and a snowman kit for each family. Between my hubby and I we made our own DIY re-useable Snowman Kit.

I purchased a tote just large enough to fit the hat.

Each tote was personalized for the family.

Snowman Kit

Carrot Nose
Storage tote

I added a fun feature to the store bought gloves.
I stuffed them using rounded wire deeply wrapped in 
strips of plastic grocery bags so that the fingers all bend!

For the scarf I purchased 9" of fleece.
Each family got the same polka-dot print
but in different colors to match the gloves.
I cut the ends of the fleece to create a fringe.

The hat was store bought.

My hubby made:

The buttons (3) and eyes (2) were cut from  from 2" dowel @ 1 " thick.

The mouth (5) from 1 1/4 " dowel @ 1" thick.

The carrot nose (1) was cut from an old broom handle 8" long.
My hubby did some old fashioned whittling to round the ends and
to give the stick the shape of a carrot! 

We used black spray paint for the eyes, mouth, and buttons.
Orange acrylic paint for the carrot with waterproofing spray over that.

I packaged all of the parts in zippered bags
with card stock labeled inserts.

These snowman kits were a big hit as is the anticipation
of the shared snow trip.

Just add SNOW
and get ready to have some fun.

I can't wait to see the "snowmen cousins" decked 
out in their coordinating scarfs!


  1. Love the poem! Love the snowman kit, too! I can't wait to see the photos of the snowmen!

  2. Cute, cute idea Shelley! I love the snowman kit!