Monday, January 9, 2012

Each Year They Grow in Inches and Feet

The luckiest kids in the whole wide world,

Have a Grandma & Papa on Gelding Lane.

They get to spend lots of time with them,

Which keeps their parents happy and sane.

As time goes by and memories are made,

The love among our family grows.

Others may not see what is so special,

But each and every grandchild knows.

Through day camps and campouts and parties galore,

They are loved, and nurtured, and praised.

Someday they will give thanks to these grandparents,

For the truly special way they were raised.

'Cause these kids are raised on love and fun,

Each year they grow in inches and feet.

And now you can keep track of it,

When they stop in for a treat!

This poem was written by my oldest daughter as part of a Christmas gift that she and our son-in-law made themselves for my husband and I. As I read the poem aloud to my family before opening the gift I could not hold back the tears. My very soul was bursting with gratitude for my children and my ten grandchildren and the quality time that we are so blessed to be able to share with each and every one of them!

Here is a pic of the gift.

I love it!

This will replace the pencil marks that have tracked the growth of my ten grandchildren behind my laundry room door. Since taking this picture my hubby has screwed it to the wall. I know it is going to be a treasured memory for my grandchildren and Papa and I! 

It was made to be installed six inches above the floor. I'm glad that it stands over six feet tall because I am quite sure that many of my grands will surely grow to be over six feet tall. You better believe that tracking their growth at grandma's house will continue for years to come!

For instructions on how to create your own growth ruler click here. My daughter followed the instructions  found in the attached post closely with the exception of using a higher quality wood and a Sharpie brand paint marker.


  1. What a great poem! And gift! I love it. So sweet.

  2. You are definitely one of the luckiest grandma's I know!

  3. What a wonderful gift and what a wonderful poem, too! Those are some very lucky grandchildren.

  4. They are lucky grand kids and you are a lucky grandma too! I love your growth ruler; I need one for my house too. I made one for each grandchild and forgot to make me one! I think I like the idea of a plain one with lots of room for grandkids measurements. Maybe paint it white and distress it some? Hmmm I’ll have to think about that.

  5. "Cause these kids are raised on love and fun. . ." So true! Isn't it nice to be appreciated as grandparents!